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Whether you like metalcore, deathcore, or even Metallica, I know you’re also a big ass nerd who loves cartoons and videos game.

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Current Serieses

Series? idk how to pluralificate the word “series” but I know for gyatdamn sure that only nerds do.

Super Mario

The classic side-scrolling platformer that inspired a very strange live-action 90’s movie and a whole video game addiction, Super Mario is surprisingly metal as fuck. Did you know that the star power represents the invincible feeling you get when you snort a whole sleeve of opium? Don’t quote me on that, I’ve never tried Big O (but I did enjoy the anime).

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You ever been to your local Dunkin Donuts and noticed how the parking lot is incredibly empty and you think to yourself “Fuck, I could put on a really epic outdoor show here” so you start looking into the logistics of an outdoor death metal concert only to realize it would require way more capital than you have so you decide to just drink coffee instead? Same.

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Look, if you wanna believe in a magical, invisible Sky Daddy, that’s on you. But me personally, that shit ain’t the biz. If I can’t snort it, slap it, or scrap it, it don’t exist.
Similar to the styles of Black Craft Cult but more subtle and makes more of a statement.

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