What it do, nerds? My name is Riley and I’ve been an artist in the heavy music scene for a while now.
You may have seen my work shared by artists like Misha Mansoor, Matt Heafy, Wolf Van Halen, Yvette Young, and many more. I used to do commissions consistently but to be brutally honest, it caused burnout and so I’m working on things differently moving forward.

For those curious about my life a little bit, I’ve been drawing random bullshit since I was in diapers.
My mother would happily tell you the story of when I climbed up onto the kitchen table, poured syrup everywhere, and started drawing trees. Very quickly my art became darker as I developed a dark sense of humour and nihilistic beliefs which continues to this day.

In terms of style, for a long time I wanted my stuff to be photoreal as if I took a picture of a living dragon and redrew it by hand. But it’s been a while since I’ve dropped that goal and have committed to a style that combines early American rubber hose animation, anime, and the Old Masters like Michelangelo. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m working towards that.

Death Metal Pop Art is adapting my style towards the media that the metal scene loves and is nostalgic for, while also showing how typically non-brutal material can be imagined as hyper brutal. All while still being relatively cute and friendly.