My Stance on Palestine

As most of you who follow my art on social media will know, I am open about my political views:
I believe in freedom and equality, to live and let live.

I have been outspoken regarding my support of Palestine in the face of what many around the world have called a genocide at the hands of Israel. To support their stance, Israel would have you believe that opposing their actions is antisemitic, which is not only false, but incredibly dangerous. Israel is not the voice of all the Jewish people around the world, as there are many Jewish people and organizations who oppose the actions of Israel and even the mere existence of Israel.

Since October 7th, I have made many public statements regarding my support of Palestine which has lost me followers and even people I thought were friends. Many people believe that I shouldn’t bring politics into what I do, but this isn’t simply politics, this is the opposition of a genocide, ethnic cleansing, and apartheid. To remain silent would be to betray my morality.

Free Palestine, from the river to the sea.