Death Metal Dunkin


Microwavable and heat resistant


Smoother than your grandpa’s rizz

Drink outta this

Perfect for hot and cold beverages. Even room temperature.

Metal as fuck

Perfect for the office

Size Chart

11 oz3.2 in3.8 in
15 oz3.3 in4.7 in
20 oz3.7 in4.3 in
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11 oz
15 oz
20 oz

I’m not going to tell you what you can or cannot drink outta this thing. All’s I can tell you is that it handles hot liquids, cold liquid and even Skywalker-warm liquids. Seriously, you could drink a cup of hot coffee blacker than your soul or a cold cup of blood because you let it sit out all night on the counter because you completely forgot about it when you came back in from hunting a reason to live.