Death Metal – Super Mario – Beanie

Nintendo, Oodles of Brutalz, Super Mario
Yupoong 1501KC

23.50 USD

Beanies are awesome, man. They’re warm, snug, and they cushion the blow when you slip on ice on the way to class at NAU because the campus didn’t de-ice the walkways. Now you’re in the ICU and racking up medical debt on top the obscene educational debt that you’ll statistically never be able to pay off because – guess what – that’s kinda the whole point and they tricked you into getting student loans to get a degree just to find out that a job requiring a degree pays marginally more than a job without. But at least you’re the sexiest, metallist mother fucker in the hospital.

100% Turbo acrylic fabric

Pretty heckin soft and hypoallergenic or whatever.

One Size Fits All*

*kinda devours the heads of infants, but does technically fit

Regular Fit

Stretchy in all directions for even the lopside-iest of heads

Metal as fuck

Wear it anywhere clothes are or are not allowed.

Size Chart

One size fits most. Might snuff our a 3-day old puppy since it might not be able to crawl out and would eventually die without intervention, definitely wouldn’t work on an African bull elephant in musk.

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