Death Metal – Super Mario – Dad Hat

Yupoong 6245CM

33.00 USD

This dad hat will intensify your dadliness to a whole level you didn’t think you could get to without having 5 kids. Basically, this dad hat is like the Game Shark of parenting.

100% chino cotton twill

Sturdy as heckin fuck for yeeting fish with your kids or whatever, idk, I don’t own children. Where do you even buy them? Kids’R’us?

One Size Fits All*

*buckle enclosure has inherent limits unlike your sex appeal when wearing this


Hat is unstructured so it will not keep its shape when not worn.

Metal as fuck

Wear it anywhere clothes are or are not allowed.

Size Chart

One size fits most. If it doesn’t fit, you could probably use it to smuggle an ostrich egg into your home-econ class and cause a commotion saying your chicken laid it. But you do you, boo boo.

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