Death Metal – Super Mario – Snapback

Yupoong 6089M

33.00 USD

I personally have this hat and wear it almost daily. The only times I’m not wearing it are the days when I’m not getting out of bed because have you seen society lately? Fuck that noise. But this hat, though? This hat will make you wanna slap ya momma.

80% acrylic, 20% wool

Sturdy on durable

One Size Fits All*

*snap on the back probably doesn’t go small enough for a toddler


High profile, 6 panels, flat bill. Need I say more?

Metal as fuck

Wear it anywhere clothes are or are not allowed.

Size Chart

One size fits most. Probably too big for a newborn, not big enough for a know-it-all like your 3rd grade teach, Mrs. Bennett, who wouldn’t stop talking over you whenever you were answering the questions she asked you. But go off, Mrs. Bennett, whatever saves your failing marriage.

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